Alison Marae is a Mexican American singer, international performer and songwriter. Her sound is inspired by early jazz music, crooners from the 1930’s and singer-songwriters of the 1970’s. Alison juxtaposes her gentle, contralto voice against her lively ukulele. She has performed around the world with her partner, musical collaborator and guitarist, Wil Forbis. Together they have graced stages in Paris, London, NYC, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego and fun little towns in between.

Out on the 22nd of February, 2022, Comes Love is an acoustic cover of the 1939 jazz standard. Featured on the new recording is Alison Marae on vocals and Wil Forbis on guitar. Available on all steaming platforms.

 Alison Marae’s debut album, My Heart Can’t Take It was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in 2014. Alison produced the album and penned four of the six songs on the album. Several jazz standards are included on the album from the 1930’s. It features Alison Marae on vocals, piano and ukulele, Wil Forbis on guitar and melodica, Harley Magsino on double bass, Sky Ladd on piano and piano arrangement, Brian Demeulle on drums and Don Shaffer on flugelhorn. Released on independent label, Dizzy with a Dame Records. The album is available on Amazon, Spotify and on all streaming platforms.

Alison is also the creator, songwriter and performer, Hooray Miss Marae. Playful and catchy songs for kids (and their grownups) that celebrate childhood. You can find Hooray Miss Marae’s music on all streaming platforms.

During her 20 year career as a dance artist, Alison Marae has performed as a dancer and choreographer with contemporary dance companies, musicals and with independent choreographers. She created fifteen, full length choreographic staged works that have been featured in festivals, galleries and studios in NYC, LA and San Diego.

As an educator in music, dance and art, she has taught for her own programs in studios, outreach arts education in public schools and worked as staff for professional dance and music studios throughout San Diego for over 20 years. Alison ran her own non profit dance company for 9 years and served as the artistic and executive director for it’s professional company and pre-professional program and master teacher for programs and classes.

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