Group Ukulele Strum and Sing Along

Wil and I (aka as Birdy and the Bow Tie) are hosting another group ukulele strum along coming up on October 15. Bring your ukuleles and join in on the fun while we strum and sing popular tunes together! All levels of ukulele players (and singers) welcome. Includes a little performances with us and with special guest, Brandon Cruz! I’m still working on a new ukulele songbook for you and it will be located here.

FYI. Our uke strum that was scheduled for Sat, Sept 17 has been rescheduled to this October 15 date. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Ukulele Mini Intro Class and Strum

Bring your ukes to the North Park Library June 22 and July 27 from 6-7pm and the Mission Hills Library on August 13 from 3-4 pm  for more ukulele strum and sing alongs! These event are free to the public. We’ll be using the easy, beginner book so please feel free to download the book and familiarize yourself with some basics chords. We’ll see you there!