Private Singing Lessons

What if I told you after just one singing lesson your body, mind and spirit will be singing (and of course, you!) even if you’ve never sung before. Singing is fun, joyful and the most powerful source of self expression.

So what’s stopping you? I know you want to sing! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Maybe you’ve never sung before or think you’re too old to learn. Perhaps you think you sing off pitch or someone in your past said you can’t sing. Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do or are shy to start. Maybe you have a deep desire to perform but have terrible stage fright?

I’ll get you moving on a path to musical happiness, even if you’ve never sung or played a musical instrument before. I feel like my purpose in life is to teach. I’m thrilled when I see students grow and learn while improving their lives. It’s a glorious feeling! I create a positive and nurturing environment in my home music studio where comfort is emphasized while developing your music skills. I specialize in teaching beginners from ages 7 through 87.

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Here’s what we learn in my intro and beginning singing lessons:

Breath control,
Body awareness,
Body and voice warm-ups,
Vocal exercises at the piano that extend vocal dynamics and vocal range,
Learn to carry a tune,
Correct off-pitch singing,
Visualization exercises for calming nerves and clearing the mind,
You can pick your own songs or genres for more singing enjoyment!

Monthly, private singing lesson rates: 

  • Four – thirty minute lessons a month: $125.00/month
  • Four – sixty minute lessons a month: $240.00/month
  • Single 60 minute lesson: $75

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