Vocalist – Songwriter – Ukulele – Performer

Alison’s music is rooted from early 20th century jazz, folk, world and spiritual music. With an intimate exploration of the heart and inspiration from the past, she is on a path to finding her own voice. Her debut EP, My Heart Can’t Take It was nominated for a San Diego Music Award. It’s available for download on Itunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. Currently she is writing and performing conscious music that aims to make you feel good.

Music Lessons in San Diego

Playing music makes you feel good! Playing the ukulele and singing allows you to express your heart and soul, release stress and emotional tension. You’ll create powerful energy and soothing vibrations for your body, mind and spirit.

“I feel like my purpose in life is to teach. I’m thrilled when I see students grow and learn while improving their lives. It’s a glorious feeling! I create a positive and nurturing environment in my home music studio where comfort is emphasized while developing your music skills. I’ll get you moving on a path to musical happiness, even if you’ve never sang or played a musical instrument before!” ~Alison Marae

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