Strum-Along Ukulele Jams!

Strum along with me and my new San Diego community ukulele group, The Jumping Flea Strummers! Email me to be on my mailing list where you’ll find out out about local ukulele strum-alongs and concerts!

OCTOBER 7: We’re putting together a concert and ukulele sing/strum-along in celebration of my duo, Birdy and the Bow Tie’s music tour to Europe at the end of October. We’re hosting a ukulele sing and strum along from 7-8 pm. We’ll be picking songs from our two songbooks: VINTAGE songbook and our BEATLES songbook so please make sure to download them or bring your ipad. If you are not a ukulele strummer, please come by at 8pm for a music concert with us. It’s all happening at our favorite venue in San Diego, Java Joe’s! $7 cover.

Ukulele charts are for standard C6 tuning (GCEA)

Beatles SongbookVintage Songbook

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