“Modern day music that harkens back to yesteryear, circa the 1920’s through the late 1950’s, jazzy as well as beautifully played and sung. Centered around Marae’s close mic’d voice and ukulele…it’s Marae’s voice that is the star attraction here. There is a melancholy air to the material here, with the title track in particular approaching torch song territory.”
Bart Mendoza/San Diego Troubadour. Review for album, “My Heart Can’t Take It.”

Listener Reviews

“A warning to all those listeners wearing heart “pacemakers’ , switch off immediately, this song will triple your heart rate it is so good. But listen anyhow … for me, it is worth the risk.” Norman

“Alison has a beautiful voice and it was an absolute delight to watch her in her element.” Kushbu

“Alison Marae’s beautiful soothing voice took us back in time. The whole band was just so in sync that my friend and I couldn’t stop smiling and rocking to the contagious beat.” Dalia

“Why are you playing here? You guys should be headlining to O2 arena!” fan in London

Alison’s voice is really amazing (we bought two of her CDs)…her band members were great…and we are her newest fans.” Cindy

“Alison is a great performer with a fantastic voice.” Julie