Workshop Schedule

February 2018 Workshop Schedule in San Diego, CA.

All workshops in February 2018 run for 3 weeks. Workshop fee: $60.

Location: February workshops are located in the Green Room (next door) at Twiggs Coffeehouse in the University Heights neighborhood in San Diego, CA.
Twiggs University Heights. 4590 Park Boulevard. San Diego, CA 92116

Intro to the Ukulele: For Absolute Beginners Level 1
Saturdays: Feb 10, 17 and 24 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Playing the ukulele is fun and easy! In this introduction workshop, you’ll quickly progress on a path to musical happiness! Ukuleles are available to borrow during the workshop upon request. $60 for 3 weeks. Click to register

Beginning Ukulele: Level 2
Saturdays: Feb 10, 17 and 24 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm
This next level ukulele workshop is geared for those who have either taken Level 1 ukulele or can already easily play and transition between chords in the key of C major (C, F, G7 or G, A minor). Ukuleles are available to borrow during the workshop upon request. $60 for 3 weeks. Click to register

POSTPONED: Singing For Happines
Singing is fun, joyful and the most powerful source of self expression. In this workshop, you’ll be guided to mindfully explore your powerful and unique voice. We’ll warm up the body to get ready for singing, while clearing our minds with breath work and visualization. After we’re warmed up we’ll gently vocalize and learn some fun vocal exercises and songs to sing. It’s never too late to start! $60 for 3 weeks.

POSTPONED: Music and Movement Meditation
Imagine calming your mind and discovering inner peace. With the natural, soothing rhythms of your body and voice, you’ll say goodbye to anxiety and worry while you discover a mindful form of self expression.

You are encouraged to connect with your breath and body through a mindful movement vocabulary, designed to release the body toward deeper freedom. With your voice, you’ll explore and discover sound, opening and softening your heart, while quieting your mind. You’ll also be guided to explore a seated meditation with live music and/or the sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. Wear layered, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket or pillow. Space is limited. $60 for 3 weeks.

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