Workshop Schedule

Sing and Play Ukulele WORKSHOPS

at Hale Ukulele:
3650 Clairemont Dr. Suite 5A San Diego, 92117

Date: Sat May 11 from 2-4pm.

Adult/Teen Beatles Slow Strum Ukulele workshop. For ukulele players who’ve been playing consistently for at least 6 months. We will strum and play from the Beatles songbook. Students will get strumming suggestions and tips on chord progressions and changes in several different keys  (songs will be in keys of C major, G major, A minor and D major.) This workshop will allow students to strum and sing songs within a group in a slower paced setting. Songbook included. 

Sat, May 11 Time: 2-4pm
Location: Hale Ukulele
Cost: $40 Cash or Venmo accepted.
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Workshops Descriptions:

Intro to the Ukulele; Level 1 Description:

  • Playing the ukulele is fun and easy! In this introduction workshop, you’ll quickly progress on a path to musical happiness! Ukuleles are available to borrow during the workshop upon request. You’ll learn:
  • Learn how to hold your ukulele.
  • Learn which fingers to use when strumming.
  • Learn one, two and three finger chords in the key of C major.
  • Learn how to read a ukulele chord chart.
  • Learn several basic strumming patterns.
  • Learn how to transition between chords.
  • Learn what the four strings of a ukulele are tuned to.
  • Learn a handful of easy songs by the end of the workshop.
  • Learn the basics of singing and playing the ukulele at the same time.

Beyond Beginner Ukulele Level 2 Description

This next level ukulele workshop is geared for those who have either taken Intro Ukulele Level 1 or can already easily play and transition between chords in the key of C major (C, F, A minor and G or G7). We will be reviewing chords and songs the key of C major and learning new chords and songs in the key of G major.

  • We’ll review chords and songs in the key of C major.
  • Learn new chords in the key of C and G major.
  • Learn how to play a barre chord.
  • Learn several rhythmic strumming patterns.
  • Learn songs in the key of C and G major.
  • Learn how to smoothly transition between chords.
  • Learn how to sing and play the ukulele at the same time!
KIDS SINGING WORKSHOP (April theme: Disney Musicals)
Children will learn vocal techniques, fun warm up exercises and songs to develop a strong, powerful singing voice. We’ll work on:
  • Breath control,
  • Body awareness,
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Vocal range,
  • Learn to carry a tune and correct off-pitch singing.
  • Visualization exercises for calming nerves/ease anxiety.
  • Lots of songs!