Alison Marae has created and crafted together different somatic and sound philosophies into unique, holistic workshops and concerts.

You are encouraged to connect with your body through a healing movement vocabulary, designed to release the body toward deeper freedom. With your voice, you’ll explore and
discover sound, opening and softening your heart and expressing your soul. With your breath, you slow the inner chatter and nervous system bringing a sense a calm, stillness and peace of mind.

This holistic journey encourages you to find your
self awareness and expression,
inner peace and power,
tranquility and joy.

Holistic workshops created and taught by Alison Marae:

  • Mindful Movement and Song: A holistic practice combining movement, voice and song.
  • Movement as Medicine: A holistic, moving meditation combining different somatic philosophies with breath.
  • Movement Connection: Movement with a partner, based on contact improvisation.
  • Shakti Shimmy: Dance your inner goddess with movements and choreography inspired from cultures around the world.

Ukulele Workshops and Strum Along: 

  • Introduction to the ukulele for newbies: learn the basics.
  • Beginning ukulele strumming: basic strumming and chord development.
  • Beyond the basic strumming: Percussive and rhythmic strumming.
  • Ukulele class and strum along kirtan: Intro class with chords taught to uplifting music and mantra songs for a call and response style kirtan.
  • Strum and Sing Along events

Please contact Alison for bookings or more information.