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Workshop: July Intro Ukulele
Date and Time
 Sat: 6:30-8pm: July 23.
Location: Balboa Park at Spanish Village Arts Center. 1770 Village Pl, San Diego, CA 92101. 
Cost: $30. Space is limited. Ukulele provided upon request. Taught by Alison Marae. 
Contact Alison to sign up


Playing the ukulele is fun, easy and makes you feel good! I’ll provide you with a ukulele to borrow and by the end of your workshop, you’ll be able to play a few songs! I create a laid back and fun environment where you’ll learn some ukulele while also exploring a bit of Balboa Park.

This workshop is catered toward absolute beginners, so no musical is necessary. Singing is encouraged, but absolutely no pressure to do so. Come prepared to learn something new and make music!

We’ll meet in the picturesque Balboa Park at the Spanish Village Arts Center. We’ll hang out a bit at Spanish Village to learn some chords and a song on the ukulele. Then we’ll meander to several pretty spots in Balboa Park, learning something new at each spot. 

Daytime class, please being a hat, water and sunscreen. Every attempt will be made for shade. Wear comfy clothes and shoes. Please let Alison know in the registration if you need a ukulele. An iPad is highly recommended. Alison will airdrop the song sheets to you at the workshop. 

Intro to the Ukulele: For Absolute Beginners Level 1
Playing the ukulele is fun and easy! In this introduction workshop, you’ll quickly progress on a path to musical happiness! Ukuleles are available to borrow during the workshop upon request. What we’ll learn:

  • Learn how to hold your ukulele.
  • Learn which fingers to use when strumming.
  • Learn one, two and three finger chords in the key of C major.
  • Learn how to read a ukulele chord chart.
  • Learn several basic strumming patterns.
  • Learn how to transition between chords.
  • Learn what the four strings of a ukulele are tuned to.
  • Learn a handful of easy songs by the end of the workshop.
  • Learn the basics of singing and playing the ukulele at the same time.

Exploring Your Powerful Voice
Singing is fun, joyful and the most powerful source of self expression. In this workshop, you’ll be guided to mindfully explore your powerful and unique voice. We’ll gently warm up the body to get ready for singing, while clearing our minds with breathing exercises and visualization. After we’re warmed up we’ll gently vocalize with humming and toning to get ready for fun vocal exercises and songs to sing. It’s never too late to start!

Music and Movement Meditation 
Imagine calming your mind and discovering inner peace. With the natural, soothing rhythms of your body and voice, you’ll say goodbye to anxiety and worry while you discover a mindful form of self expression. You are encouraged to connect with your breath and body through a mindful movement vocabulary, designed to release the body toward deeper freedom. With your voice, you’ll explore and discover sound, opening and softening your heart, while quieting your mind. Wear layered, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket or pillow.


Beginning Ukulele: Level 2 
This next level ukulele workshop is geared for those who have either taken Level 1 ukulele or can already easily play and transition between chords in the key of C major (C, F, G7 or G, A minor). Ukuleles are available to borrow during the workshop upon request. What we’ll learn:

  • Review chords and songs in the key of C major.
  • Learn new chords in the key of C and G major.
  • Learn how to play a barre chord.
  • Learn several rhythmic strumming patterns.
  • Learn songs in the key of C and G major.
  • Learn how to smoothly transition between chords.
  • Learn how to sing and play the ukulele at the same time!

IMAGINE quieting your mind as you strum a soothing rhythm on a ukulele. Your breath is as calm as a gentle breeze and the expressive vibrations of your voice lift your spirit. Your body feels freedom as you dance with joy.

Through Alison Marae’s, holistic offerings, you’ll say HELLO to discovering inner peace, mindfulness and joy. With practice, you’ll say GOODBYE to anxiety, stress and worry. You deserve to improve your life by exploring and nurturing your body, mind and spirit.

Vocal Techniques for Ukulele Players
Description: You’ll learn vocal and breath techniques to help develop a healthy, flexible voice but you’ll also learn the chords and notes needed to create your own beginning level vocal class at home on with your ukulele. Please note, the chords shapes and music theory techniques we’ll use for the ukulele are for an intermediate level ukulele player or above.


Please contact Alison for bookings or more information.


” I felt so comfortable learning from Alison. It seemed like she really loves to teach and is a natural.” Kelly

“Alison was amazing and felt like a long time friend right away. She is a patient teacher and managed to get a lot of info information in a really digestible way (the handouts were genius).  I had zero music ability going in… and felt by the end of our time together that I could play a whole song on my own. Make sure you ask her to play for you at the end she is quite the talent. Such a great day!” Meggan

” I learned more in Alison’s one hour workshop than I did with an entire month of private lessons with another teacher!” Laurel

“I had an excellent experience taking voice lessons with Alison. I have no background in singing or music, except for being able to read basic piano sheet music. I always wanted to take voice lessons but have always been too intimidated. I’m glad I finally gave it a shot with Alison! We both had crazy busy schedules, but she worked with me to find a time that would work for both of us. During lessons, she was always patient and encouraging, and she made sure to focus on my goals. For me, that meant doing more exercises and scales rather than working on particular songs. I loved this approach and feel like I got so much out of the time, although half an hour FLIES by so fast! I only got to do about 8 lessons before I moved out of the area, but 8 was enough to clearly see the improvement in my voice, my vocal confidence, and especially in my fundamental understanding of singing and music. I highly recommend Alison! I also took one ukulele lesson with Alison right before I left town. I own a ukulele and wanted a few basic ideas about how to play it. In just half an hour Alison was able to give me a fantastic breakdown of the instrument, along with teaching me several chords and strumming patterns to practice on my own. I wish I could have done many more lessons with her!” Emily C

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