Hi! I’m Alison Marae. I’m a songwriter, recording artist, singer, educator and ukulele lady.

Music Videos

I finally made a video for my song, Don’t Look Away. Musically, it’s very simple featuring just my voice, a rhythmic ukulele and upright bass. Get out a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail and enjoy! This quote from a listener cracks me up, “A warning to all those listeners wearing heart “pacemakers’, switch off immediately, this song will triple your heart rate it is so good. But listen anyhow, for me, it is worth the risk.”

Don’t Look Away © Ⓟ 2012 Alison Marae Dunn

I wrote this Christmas song for my, Hooray Miss Marae’s children’s shows a few years ago and finally recorded it and made a video. While it’s supposed to be for kids, you’d be surprised how many grown ups love it! Give it a listen and I bet you’ll be singing and dancing along!